On January 11, 2018, Paid Parking was implemented.  For those customers parked in the lots prior to Jan 11th, an inventory of license plates will be conducted.  If your license plate is on our list, you will be able to press the call button and exit at no charge.   We want to thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this implementation process.

Per the Airports Paid Parking Revised Policy effective March 14, 2018:

  1. The first 90 minutes of parking are free in all parking lots. (After 90 minutes full day charges apply).
  2. $3.00 per day per vehicle in west lot (west of Sky Park Road).
  3. $5.00 per day per vehicle in east lot (east of Sky Park Road).
  4. Every 7th day of parking is free.
  5.  A “day” is defined as a continuous 24-hour period.
  6. Airline pilots, cargo pilots and airline flight attendants may purchase a parking pass to park in a designated area for $15.00 per quarter upon presentation of a current employee identification badge with name matching a current driver’s license.
  7. Violation of the Paid Parking Policy is a Class III Misdemeanor pursuant to Section 3-613(5) Nebraska Revised Statutes.

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

See PARKING MAP below:

Questions can be directed to the Hall County Airport Authority Administration Office during normal business hours at (308) 385-5170 x 110.

A Towing Policy has been implemented effective March 11, 2015.

Unattended vehicles in front of Passenger Terminal is prohibited.  This area is for pick up and drop off only.

Parking on Roads, Roadways, Grass, in Car Rental or Employee Parking Stalls is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Vehicles will be Towed at the owner’s expense.

Should your vehicle be Towed, contact Kramer’s Wrecker Service at (308) 384-1116 for retrieval.

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